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I currently teach oil painting on Monday day time and Monday evenings in Denmark Hill, South London. 

Full details of classes can be found on the Dulwich Art Group website.

Summer Term 24th April – 17th July
Half term 29th May
Autumn term 11th September – 4th December
Half term tba

  • Learn to paint directly in oil paint
  • Unpack the secrets of great composition
  • Explore colour and how to mix it
  • Work from still life and the human figure (day class only)
  • Become expert in studio practice
  • Get close support from experts
  • New flexible format – buy any 6 out of 12 sessions

When we learn to paint in oils we bring together a wide range of creative skills. Drawing, so fundamental to the visual arts needs to be mastered with a method for nailing proportion. Add to that an understanding of tone, line, colour, edge, composition, design, texture and so on and the task can appear mammoth. Like an elephant, mammoths are eaten one bite at a time, with Clare those bites become appetising mouthfuls garnished with good humour.

In this course Clare works with you at the level you find yourself. Skills will be built when required and with agreement a programme will be developed to best bring you towards excellence. Clare works with deep principles that underlie representational, impressionistic or abstracted images giving you the freedom to develop your own voice whilst exercising artistic rigour. “Thinking abstractly to create representation” is how she puts it. It is not a specific method or series of steps but rather a training of the sensibilities.

Rather than creating a finished masterpiece, Clare will introduce a series of exercises to allow you to gain experience and skills in working from still life or the figure, interpreting what we see with paint and colour shapes, to build experience as a painter, to ask questions, explore colour and try to understand how to represent what we see with paint.

She is endlessly supportive and has a gentle touch whilst being relentless in pushing you towards your best.

A studio day might include working from still life or the nude model in oils or charcoal. Demonstration will be given and plenty of one on one tuition. Different themes and ideas will be introduced dynamically in response to the progress of the individual and the group.

What some of Clare’s students say about working with her:

“Clare is a sensitive teacher who gives you tailored advice to improve your own painting technique. After being taught by Clare I have noticed a big change in my ability to translate the colours that I see onto the canvas, and her words of wisdom have been a huge support throughout my artistic development.” –Lauren

“Clare’s method of painting is so completely different from mine that I felt I was exploring very new ground. Her personality and teaching approach are very thoughtful, caring and gentle in manner. She has a very intelligent insight into how best to explain her work and how different learners require different approaches.” – Robert

Course fees

We understand that life gets very busy and it’s sometime hard to make a consistent commitment. This course works well without constraining the artist to join in every week. You can buy 6 sessions and use them on any of the 12 week dates that fit your personal diary:

Full days 10.00am-4.00pm £450  or flexible six sessions for £300
Mornings 10.00am-1.00pm £300 or flexible six sessions for £200
Evenings 7.00pm-9.30pm £300 or flexible six sessions for £200


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